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Jennifer Shares DNA Program at Roanoke Chowan Heritage Center

Jennifer Shares DNA Program at Roanoke Chowan Heritage Center

Jennifer Sheppard provided a presentation on DNA for genealogy in Windsor, NC at the Roanoke Chowan Heritage Center Family History and Genealogy Fair on July 27th and 28th. The second annual fair was attended by 55 people during the two day event.  The Lost Colonist surname list, including other families of interest and our mission statement were provided to attendees.  At the end of the second day, Jennifer collected DNA from four individuals.  We are most anxious to see the results of Dr. Ben Speller’s test, one of the organizers of the event. 

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Sheppard’s talk was from Roberta Estes’ paper “DNA Testing for Genealogy, What Can It Do for Me?” She shared information on “DNA Basics in four paragraphs” (making it easier for those not familiar with DNA to understand the concept); how unrecombined DNA can help us with genealogy; information on mutations and how the results of your DNA test can tell you about your deep ancestry as well as your genealogy.

Jennifer related how DNA testing can lead to more and even deeper questions as her Uncle’s test did, as well as the wonderful discoveries you can make and how easy it is to connect with your matches when you are notified of your results.  The narrative also set forth project goals for the different family projects developed through DNA testing.

Some people are apparently reluctant to use their own names when testing for various reasons. Jennifer alleviated those concerns by telling people they can use a deceased relative’s name or submit the test in her name, thereby providing complete anonymity.  In the photo below, Jennifer is timing for Dr. Speller as he swabs.
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Dr. Speller’s comment regarding the presentation was: “We have heard only great things about your presentation”.

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