Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lost Colony Upcoming DNA Symposium Sept. 7 - 9th

Are you one of the Lost Colonists? Could you be the key to unraveling the greatest mystery in America today? Find out by using a combination of DNA testing and genealogy.What happened to the lost colonists?

Were they assimilated into the Native American population or did they perish? Today, for the first time, using DNA technology, we may find the answer.If your family descends from the Eastern Carolina area, if your family has an oral tradition of Lumbee or other Native American ancestry from the Eastern United States, or if your family includes one of our “most wanted” surnames, join our Lost Colony DNA Project with Family Tree DNA.

Click here for the list of surnames.

Interested in the Lost Colony, but don’t think you connect? That’s fine, you can join our foundation, The Helix Foundation, as a supporter and receive our electronic newsletters, updates, and be included in all of our findings on our private Newslist.Our “Families of Interest” include the surnames of the colonists and families associated through historical documents with local Native American heritage.

If the colonists survived and were integrated into native village life, DNA, matching that of the colonists, will appear within the descendants of the local Native American population.

DNA Symposium Sept. 7 - 9th.