Sunday, April 6, 2008

Timeline of Events Leading Up to the Lost Colony

Introducing an excellent timeline done by Nelda Percival, webmaster and graphic artist for The Lost Colony Genealogy DNA Research Group

12 Oct 1492

Discovery of the Americas - The Spanish were especially well prepared by history to conquer, occupy, populate and exploit new lands and assimilate new people. America thus became the new frontier-land for those people used to its ways and with the military, diplomats and administrative arms at their disposal to face the challenge. By the middle of the 16th century, they had settled in the two most important viceroyalties, Mexico on the Atlantic, and Peru on the Pacific.


Pope Alexander (1431 - 1503)
Alexander VI, given name Rodrigo Borgia, Roman Catholic Pope from 1492 until his death, is the most memorable of the corrupt and secular popes of the Renaissance. Pope Alexander divides the world between Portugal and Spain, excluding all others

by Nelda L. Percival

The Lost Colony Genealogy & DNA Research Group

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