Sunday, August 5, 2007

400 Year Old Mystery Haunts Roanoke Island

[Roanoke Island]
Located west of Nags Head on U.S. 64 is home of another Outer Banks mystery, one that has baffled scholars around the world: Roanoke Island. More than 400 years ago, two explorers returned to England with tales of the "godliest land under the cope of the heaven." Soon after, the first permanent European settlers to the "New World" arrived at Roanoke.
A 400 year-old mystery haunts Roanoke Island on North Carolina's Outer Banks. There, in 1587, about 120 men, women and children established the first English colony in the New World -- then vanished without a trace, leaving historians and archaeologists with one of America's most perplexing mysteries.
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