Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Search for the Lost Colony in Beechland

Written by Philip S. McMullan, Jr.

Many theories and myths have been put forward to explain the Lost Colony. They were thought lost at sea, washed away by a hurricane, moved southwest to become Lumbee Indians, killed by Powhatan in Chesapeake, or captured by the Mandoag in Chowanoke. None of these theories stand up to all of the available evidence. In his 1985 book, Set Fair for Roanoke, David Beers Quinn gave a very comprehensive review of all that was then published about the Roanoke Voyages. With the statement below, Quinn set the challenge for this paper.

“How did these people, over a hundred of them. ... survive or die? Surely they died, as they had begun to live, inside what is now North Carolina. Had they not, as seems most probable, somehow dispersed themselves among the Indian population? If this was so, did they leave traces that survive, hidden in the swamps and fields and even in the ancestry of the people of North Carolina today?"

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