Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research Group Website

Open Invitation to Visit the Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research Group Website:

This website is to display the results of our research in support of attaining our goal which is to discover, if possible, whether any of the Roanoke Lost Colonists survived. Furthermore, others included on Raleigh's numerous voyages were also "lost" on the shores of what would become North Carolina. Perhaps they survived as well. The resources being used to solve this mystery are a combination of historical records, genealogy and DNA.

Our Mission

Our Mission....Is to gather as much data as possible to prove that at least some of the colonists did in fact survive as has been suggested by numerous historical accounts, possibly having assimilated into the indigenous tribesof the area or having been taken captive, or both. As the various tribes moved inland, the colonists would have moved with them. If the colonists were enslaved, they could have been sold or traded and not remained as a group, being scattered to various locations.

Our research group will be working to connect the genealogies with the historical records and genetic results from individuals who are likely candidates to be descendants of the Lost Colonists. We have assembled names of interest that are compiled from the Lost Colony settlers and also from the early families found in the areas where the colonists are believed to have settled. Early land transactions and grants reference individuals with many of these last names as Indians.

Possible candidates to be connected to the Lost Colony come from the following groups of individuals:

1. Those who have any of the surnames of interest and whose genealogy ends abruptly early in Eastern VA or NC.

2. Those who connect via any of these surnames to the British Isles.

3. Those whose family has an oral history of being connected to the Lost Colony.

4. Those with Native American heritage from Eastern or early NC or VA.