Friday, May 23, 2008

Lost Colony Outdoor Drama Readies for Opening Night

ROANOKE ISLAND, N.C. ( -- Where there once was ash and wood, stands a two story building, dedicated to the spirit of community. "I can't think of another place that would celebrate the arts of the theater in this extraordinary manner."

The Lost Colony's costume shop is no longer lost. "Totally made by hand Roanoke Island creations, that's really what we're celebrating today with this specific shop," says award winning production designer William Ivey Long.

Long stood alongside a dozen others to celebrate the opening of the new shop. Last September a fire destroyed the shop and its costumes. Actor Andy Griffith and his wife Cindi cut the ribbon.
Griffith got his start on the very stage that burned in the 1940's. "All of the ladies dressing rooms, two-thirds of the stage burned in 1947. I was here, I was playing the first soldier that year."

And like so many others, he helped rebuild it in six days. " I was a carpenter...I was part of one of the carpenters who built the ladies dressing room. Good choice, yes."

As was then, is now says Executive Director Carl Curnutte. "People from all across the country have been contributing with costumes, donations, fabrics, the labor of the building, its just been amazing seeing the outpouring of support we've actually had."

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