Friday, April 3, 2009

American Indian Holocaust and Survival

American Indian Holocaust and Survival: A Population History Since 1492 by Russell Thornton (1987)

Virginian Robert Beverly wrote of his Countrymen:

In all the latter voyages they never su much as endeavored to come near the place where the first settlement was attempted at Cape Hatteras; neither had they any pity on those poor hundred and fifteen souls settled there in 1587 of whom there has never since been any account, no relief sent to them, nor so much as an enquiry made after them, whether they were dead or alive, till about 3 yars after this, when Chesapeak bay in Virginia was settled, which hitherto had never been seen by any English Man. So strong was the desire of riches and so eager the pursuit of a rich trade, that all concern for the lives of their fellow Christians, kindred, neighbours and country-men, weighed nothing in the comparison, thou an enquiry might have been easily made, when they were so near them. (Beverley, 1705: 24-25)

Note that he mentions them as "kindred".

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