Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roanoke Island Historical Association Awarded $6,200.

Charles Hardy, president of the Outer Banks Community Foundation Board of Directors, previews The Lost Colony's new education site with John Buford, public relations and marketing director for The Lost Colony. The education website was created with funding provided by the foundation and is being created to serve as a educational tool for both students and teachers.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation has awarded a $6,200 grant to the Roanoke Island Historical Association to support the construction and development of new pages to the education component of their website,

The Roanoke Island Historical Association, an educational and historical non-profit organization, preserves the nation's cultural heritage through the production of the acclaimed drama, The Lost Colony. North Carolina history school books for the 4th and 8th grade levels include the study of both Sir Walter Raleigh's colonies and The Lost Colony production. As such, the Association has diligently worked with North Carolina school systems in developing programs to meet these education needs including school visits, backstage tours for school groups, study guides for teachers and students, and most recently, a special matinee performance for school children in the area's school districts that was attended by 1,400 students. The Association's new educational web pages augments the educational elements of these programs.
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