Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jamestown and Lost Colony Surnames

What's in a Name??

 Roberta Estes

Recently we were able to obtain the records of the Jamestown colonists who share surnames with the Lost Colonists thanks to a contribution from a benefactor.  
The records have been extracted, by surname.  Historic Jamestown has done a superb job of researching their colonists and what information is known about every known Jamestown colonist up through about 1625 is provided on their site for a nominal fee.  You can see all of the biographies by surname at the site. 

The information has been incorporated on our website under the appropriate surname.  To view the results, click on this link to go to our website, then click on "surname research", then on the surname you are interested in viewing.  Then click on the Jamestown link.

The following Lost Colony surnames are also represented at Jamestown:

·       Archer (Archard perhaps)
·       Brooke(s)
·       Brown(e)
·       Cooper by variant spellings
·       Ellis
·       Flory/Flower
·       Johnson
·       Kendall
·       Martin
·       Nichols
·       Powell
·       Russell
·       Scott
·       Smith
·       Stephens/Stevens
·       Taverner
·       White
·       Wilkinson
·       Williams
·       Wotton
·       Yonge/Young

Several of these names have several Jamestown colonists.  There are 100 different records in total, so take a look and see if there is anything for one of your surnames.

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