Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Hatteras Dig

The 2012 Dig For those of you who follow along, the Lost Colony Research Group has sponsored archaeological digs now on Hatteras Island in 2009, 2010, 2011 and now, 2012. This year’s dig was somewhat different since we feel we have located the original site of the colonists on Hatteras Island in previous years. Additionally, we welcomed to our project this year Dr. Charles Ewen at ECU as well as two additional professional archaeologists.We have been very blessed. Our new project archaeologist is Jennifer Gabriel.As you also know, due to modern day pirates called treasure hunters, we have to keep the sites where we dig a well-guarded secret. Besides, the last thing a property owner wantsto find is their yard looking like swiss cheese when they return home one day, meaning that someone with a metal detector has trespassed and not only stolen historically important items, but ruined the area for subsequent archaeology. So while I can’t tell you exactly where we were, suffice it to say that we are still on Hatteras Island and we are still pursing the colonists. We actually dug in several location this year as our dig time in the field was expanded to two weeks. I will post two or three different blogs that shows some of our different activities and the group as well. We never had a better group, or a better time. Were it not for the extreme heat, the massive number of mosquitos and ticks, it was almost likea vacation.Refrains from the nursery rhyme, “ The Old Gray Mare, She Ain’t What She Used to Be ” played through my head every morning as I got my old, achy self out of bed to go and digsome more.However, this dig was blessed from the beginning. Dawn found a lucky penny and we saw a beautiful double rainbow from the deck of the house that we rented on the firs tmorning. Did I mention that there were 37 steps up and down. If not, I probably will mention that several times  Houses on Hatteras are built on stilts so that the flooding doesn’t damage the contents. However, that means that the first floor is really the secondfloor, and so on. Please ignore the small print below and go here to truly enjoy the full sized version:  

2012 Digging on Hatteras

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