Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A fascinating look at "Old Hatteras Island"

A fascinating look at "Old Hatteras Island"

My grandfather was Luther Frazier Peele (1905-'67) ~  his mother was Elizabeth Gaskill Peele; Granny Lizzy was the last of our family to keep in contact with relatives back in the old country (Cornwall, UK).  According to our ancestry search, my grandfather's family dates back to the 1700's on the "Carolina Banks". His g-g-g...grandfather Robert Peel, was born in England in 1635 and was "spirited" away to theKing's Virginian colonies soon thereafter. Hatteras has long been a destination for people "on the lamb." During the 17th century, thousands of Irish & Scots were imprisoned in Britain by Oliver Cromwell's ethnic-cleansing tirades. The ones who survived (about half), were "transported" to the colonies. Scottish prisoners were allowed to choose their final destination ~ the grim prospect of working as a plantation slave in Barbados & Virginia drove some to Hatteras. It is unclear whether they came of their own free will (w/ livestock) or came to hide ended up staying. The village elders seemed peculiar to outsiders because of their antiquated vocabulary and thick brogue... and the women, who were sturdy by necessity, often smoked pipes or dipped snuff. 

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