Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lost Colony Group Receives Joe M. McLaurin Newsletter Award

Lost Colony Group Receives 
Joe M. McLaurin Newsletter Award
Roberta Estes, Editor

The North  Carolina Society of Historians held its 69th Annual Awards Banquet October 23rd 2010 in Mooresville, NC at the Hilton Garden Inn.
Awards were presented in several historical and genealogical categories relating to local, regional or statewide people, places or events in the following categories: History Books, Publishers, Multimedia, Journal, Newsletter, Society, Religious History Books, Newspaper & Magazine Articles, Family History Books, Historical Fiction and Museums.

The judges collective comments were:  "This is a magnificent newsletter that keeps its members well-informed as well as educated about the 'Lost Colony." It is not your typical newsletter in that it has the layout of a mini-journal; however, due to the many technicalities involved in this type of historical and genealogical research, a 'typical' newsletter would not be suitable. Members are 'educated' with exceptional research, data re: web addresses of sites that inform about...Dare Records, Colonist Family Locations, Welsh Surnames and Research, William Powell's Papers, the Berry and Lowry Families, the Berry an Payne Families,Where Have All the Indians Gone? Buxton Research, Articles include; How Many Colonists Were There? Who Else Was Lost? Christmas Wish List (in which the Editor makes a plea to readers to help provide research books and materials for further research). 
"She covers the Colonists' surnames, their origins. There is a 'Demographic Summary,' color-coded maps; warnings about DNA scams; and, a vast amount of information regarding surname research.  We found the newsletters to be very scholarly and fascinating. This entry won by unanimous decision." there were 44 entries in this particular category with 7 winners. 
The photo is of Jennifer Sheppard accepting the award on behalf of the Lost Colony Research Group. 

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