Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thumbing my way back home.....

by Janet Crain

As informative and fun as the 6th Annual Family Tree DNA Conference was, there were more treats in store for me when I left the conference. My niece, Angie Applebe, picked me up because I don't do "Houston traffic". We headed out toward La Porte and were soon ascending the High Bridge. Don't know its real name, but it is certainly high. It afforded a view for many miles.

Arriving in La Porte, we revisited several haunts (appropriate for Halloween Night). Then I visited with my sister in her very nice apartment overlooking Galveston Bay, while we got ready to go out to Dinner. My wonderful niece picked us back up and we went to El Toro, a popular local Mexican food resturant where the wait staff was wearing Halloween costumes. This really sweet girl let me take her picture.

There we were joined by three great nephews (and they really are great people) Jason, Jamie , Big Jordan, and friend Little Jordan, plus Big Jordan's fiance Jennie. Since my sister's name is Joan and mine is Janet, you might say the J's had it.
After a great meal of various Mexican food favorites, we headed out for Jason's home at Morgan's Point. Jason, who owns Galveston Bay Guile Service is a great sportsman on land as well as water. Last year he managed to take a 16 point non-typical buck with double drop tines..............with a bow!
In the home he shares with his lovely wife, Yvonne and their very cute daughter, Madison, Jason has filled a game room with his trophies. I was surprised when a buck seemingly jumped through the wall.

And then I was shocked by a huge Rattlesnake about to strike at my purse. But thank the Lord, it was a stuffed one. Just kidding!

We really did enjoy our visit as Yvonne and Madison came in from Trick or Treating and we took some more pictures before we called it a night and headed back for a Slumber Party at my sisters.
Tomorrow would be another event filled day. But that's a story for another day.

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