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A KINGDOM STRANGE: The Brief and Tragic History of The Lost Colony of Roanoke: Book review

James Horn's book; "A Land as God Made It" about Jamestown was very good and I hope this one is also.

A KINGDOM STRANGE: The Brief and Tragic History of The Lost Colony of Roanoke
By James Horn
Basic Books
304 pages

Book Review by Michael L. Ramsey
MICHAEL L. RAMSEY is president of the Roanoke Public Library Foundation.

One day in the summer of my fifth year, my parents put on their town clothes (and I mine), and we left our cottage on Nags Head to cross the sound to Roanoke Island to see a play called “The Lost Colony.” That was the genesis of my interest in American history.
Now James Horn has published a description of the colony settled on Roanoke Island in 1587 — the colony whose inhabitants were never again seen by their English kin.

“A Kingdom Strange” offers many facets to the early history of British America. It offers a compelling account of the background for the founding of Jamestown in 1607 (so deftly described by Horn in “A Land As God Made It”).

It provides a plausible explanation of the fate of the Roanoke Island colonists based on recently discovered archival material. You may come away asking if there might be some gray-eyed Croatoan in your family tree.

Most important, perhaps, is that the book is likely to be as inspirational to today’s readers as “The Lost Colony” play was to me — a sort of hatchery for history fans.

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