Thursday, April 8, 2010

On the Road Again with Roberta

We’re here on the Outer Banks in North Carolina working with a group of students from England. This is NOT spring break for them. They are serious students and they are camping in order to be able to study here.
We are working with them in their various fields of interest as they pertain to the history of the colonists. Some are interested in history, some in archaeology and anthropology, and two in videography. They are just the nicest bunch of young adults you’d ever want to meet. One is 18, but he is from the States and his mother is a professor of anthropology. The rest are 21 or older, most in a graduate program. Some are quite a bit older, probably mid life adults returning to school. We also have a smattering of non-student volunteers as well, some from England and some from the States. The videographers are lovely young ladies, shown here, Elly on the left and Lee Ann on the right. We’re fortunate that we have a wonderful volunteer who is cooking for all of us. His name is George and he created a contraption called the “gypsy wagon”. It’s a miraculous invention that includes a stove, oven, warming table, large grill and yes, even a kitchen sink, all welded on a trailer that you can pull to wherever you need it. Let me tell you, cooking for 20 people or so three times a day is no small order…..and George is wonderful, along with our own Anne and other volunteers who help out as needed. George and Anne are cooking breakfast in the photo. Let me tell you, everything tastes better outside, and on the Outer Banks, everything outside has a little sand in it for flavoring :-)
Tomorrow we’ll tell you about a special thank you for George!!

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