Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Road Again with Roberta

Carolina Back Roads
Monday 4-5-2010

The North Carolina back roads are so beautiful in the spring. I saw baby calves, looking to be just born and beautiful verdant green. Coming down the south side of Pilot Mountain, there were leaves on the trees, but on the north side, just buds. I could literally see where spring was paused and painting with her artist’s palette today. Tomorrow, probably the north side. Spring is a busy lady!!! Near Wake Forest on 98, I saw an amazing sight. Wisteria, not like a small vine we have at home, but WISTERIA in all caps. Indeed, Wisteria like I’ve never seen it before. I had been marveling at the redbuds, poking their heads out into the manicured areas beside the roads like curious children peeping around their mother’s skirts, adding a much needed splash of color for our winter-time color-deprived psyches. First, I saw a single Wisteria vine that had worked its way up a utility pole and wished I had been in a position to take a photo, but then on down the road a bit, I found an incredible stand of Wisteria….utterly stunning…..words can’t even begin to do it justice. I did manage to pull over and take photographs on a vanishingly small shoulder.
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