Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the Road Again with Roberta

Anne and I went to the beach today. The kids went to swim and play ball, but Anne and I found a deserted beach and just walked around and enjoyed the serenity for a few minutes. The wind was quite strong and it’s cool, but not cold. The sand beating against your skin actually hurts after a few minutes, so our stay wasn’t terribly long. The beach is beautiful this time of year after the winter storms. The locals are windsurfing in their favorite locations and the tourists aren’t here yet. The sand here is full of shells, mostly broken, becoming more grains of sand.

It’s beautiful just the same.Mostly though, as I wander here, I think of the colonists. I’m here tracking their footsteps, although the sand has obliterated them…..they still remain, hints, wisps, maybe just the after image that they were here…… but they were….and we will find them. My time here this week has been inspirational and given me some new ideas. You’ll be hearing about them soon so stay tuned.