Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the Road Again with Roberta

On the way to North Car
olina again for more research, I’m inviting you along. I’ll keep in touch by posting blog entries as I go. Today, we’re driving from cold and dreary Michigan to a sunny and warm Beckley, West Virginia where it hit 80 today and things are really blooming. No, I mean REALLY blooming, as in the flowers and trees are in bloom. Given that just a few hours drive north, it’s still brown and glum, this is truly a sight for sore eyes. I love driving south in the spring and watching spring arrive in fast forward hour by hour as I drive further and further south. If you’re in West Virginia and you see a really unusual building that looks kind of like a crown sitting on an orange UFO while driving down 77 near 64 (exit 44) at Beckley, it might be Tamarack… fact, it surely is. Tamarack is the “must see” feel good place of all feel good places. I’ve stopped here for years at least once or twice a year and it’s always different. Known as “The Best of West Virginia”, it truly earns its name by exhibiting (and selling) the handcrafts and fine arts of West Virginia artisans. But wait, there’s more. Not only is it a wonderland of talent and beauty, it also has food prepared by Greenbrier’s cooking school chefs. And ice cream, and coffee, and a conference center, and an art gallery, and tigers and lions and bears OH MY!!! Sorry, got a bit carried away. But you get the idea. Visit during the week and you’ll get to see the artists in residence at work, a potter, woodworker, ironworker, glass blower and a quilter. My favorite is Elaine Bliss, the quilter, but that’s because I’m a quilter. More about that later in the week. Elaine isn’t just a quilter, but she is a fabulous quilter….but then what else would you expect, being THE quilter at Tamarack, The Best of West Virginia!! Here’s a picture of one of Elaine’s signature wall-hangings available at this link to purchase. Take a look at all of her wonderful creations.

Here’s Tamarack’s website, so go ahead, take a virtual vacation and give yourself a sensory treat.

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