Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Road Again with Roberta


Yes, there is such a place as Bunn, NC. Now I just know I’m about to get in some kind of trouble for this, but I just can’t help myself. I drove through Bunn for the first time last year, and this year, when I drove through for the second time, well, I just had to take some photos.

First, you come across the Bunn Rescue. Now I have to ask myself, is that what happens when there is a fire….the Bunns get too toasty and the rescue has to come out to be sure they are only lightly browned????
Next, you come across the Bunn Wash……no…..I’m not kidding. And see, there is someone outside preparing to wash their bunns. I wonder how that is accomplished, exactly…..without the bunns getting soggy. So many questions…..
Next door to the Bunn Wash is Bunn Beach Bingo, and only adults can enter. Truly….I could not make this up. I have no idea what Bunn Beach Bingo is. I can only imagine….and every scenario I can imagine is quite funny. They weren’t open, so I couldn’t go inside to check this out….but it might be worth going back for.

On down the road are the Bunn Schools. That’s where the little Bunns rise and become bigger Bunns.

The Bunn schools are right across from the Bunn Fire Department. Of course, you only meet those guys if your Bunns are too hot and get out of control. These would be those Bunn control guys…..along with Bunn Rescue of course if your bunns get burnt.

On down the street we have Bunn Crossing. Now Bunn Crossing brings to mind those signs of “children crossing’, except in the Bunn Crossing sign, you’d have several kinds of Bunns crossing the street, probably going to the Bunn Schools.
Bunn Crossing would be the ideal place for a bakery, which of course would be called “Hot Crossed Bunns” and my favorite, a coffee shop which would have to be called the “Bunn Warmer”.

I don’t think I’ve had so much fun in just a single mile before. It was a good place to take a break and give my bunns a rest from driving! So I’m wondering…..if you live in Bunn, are you a Bunnite, or on Easter, a Bunney???

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